25 January 2012
Selecting the Right Music Beds for Messages On Hold

Many businesses nowadays are making the wise decision to install messages on hold to their telephone systems. While this is an extremely effective marketing decision, playing music on hold in addition to on hold messages can enhance the whole process even further.

Playing music for your customers while they are on hold can definitely engage them, though it's wise to select music that appeals to your customers' tastes. In some instances, this can be an easy choice especially if your customers are younger, you would select certain genres of music. Likewise if you cater to an older age group, you will choose appropriate music for that generation.


Selecting the correct style of music can play on the emotions of your customers. Connecting with them on an emotional level can have a positive impact on the sales of your business. Be careful to do your homework though, especially if you choose to use the radio to play music on hold to your customers, as there are fees associated with its use.

Once upon a time telecommunication companies used to absorb any fees associated with the Australasian Performing Right Association or APRA for playing radio music on hold, though the fees are now being passed onto consumers. These fees can be astronomical as opposed to royalty free music, which is a better choice.

As soothing and engaging as music can be to listen to whilst your customers are on hold, you may not be getting the full advantages to promote your company as you would if you considered combining music with messages on hold.

On hold messages along with music can be the ideal way to boost your business' profits. It is necessary on occasions for all businesses at some point to have to put customers on hold. You may have to transfer a call to the appropriate department to satisfy their queries. This is a perfect opportunity to drive your messages to them without being intrusive. The combination of promoting your products, services and upcoming promotions with enjoyable on hold music can be a clever marketing strategy for the success of your business.

It is worth investing in a messages on hold product to put forward your best sales messages, without being intrusive and pushy, as people have the option to listen or switch off. However, statistics show that most people do listen to these messages thus increasing sales to your business. Marketing is the key to your success, make clever promotional choices and watch your business grow.