10 January 2012
Your Messages on Hold Showcased on YouTube

Not only is your messages on hold program an extremely powerful marketing tool for your telephone lines, but it can also be used as part of your online marketing strategy! Think about it, we have entered a world where there are so many platforms and avenues for you to showcase your products and services, so why waste this opportunity to use an audio production that you already have made up?

Why YouTube?

As one of the world's leading online search engines, YouTube has grown to be a popular choice by consumers of all demographics – your potential customers included! Not to mention, the outstanding statistics this social video sharing platform offers:

• Over 2 billion videos are viewed every day
• YouTube Mobile is also growing in popularity – 110 million views per day
• Your can monetize your streams by becoming a YouTube partner

Impressive right? 2 BILLION videos are viewed everyday. Think of what kind of potential that gives you as a business owner!

Now you already have your professionally voiced, mixed and produced message on hold production playing on your telephone lines promoting your business to customers who are calling, but what if you could get the word out to a far bigger audience? The web allows you to do this, and as we mentioned before YouTube is one of the world's leading video search engines.

How will my Message On Hold Program help?

Simply contact one of our friendly audio engineers at Phone Sound and ask for an mp3 version of your on hold program. From here there are a number of ways to maximise the reach of your messages and music on hold program.

1. Audio Production
You can use the full version of your message on hold program, or cut it up and make a video for each audio message in your on hold program.

2. Visuals
Do up an impressive PowerPoint presentation or photo slideshow about your business.

3. Upload your Message On Hold to YouTube
Simply register for a free account, and start uploading. It is as simple as that! Make sure you use important keywords in your title so your potential customers can find you. Also make sure you get your own unique YouTube URL – for instance, if your business name is Phone Sound – you would want your URL to be www.youtube.com/phonesound. Don't forget to customise your background – making sure it is branded with your logo and product / service description.

4. Promotion
Make sure you have a link on your website to your YouTube page – and spread the word through other mediums like email campaigns, other social media accounts, business cards, print advertisements and so forth.

Audio is an extremely versatile and effective way to get your message across to your potential customers, through a number of channels. You already have a professional audio production that is all about your business in the form of your message on hold program, so why not make the most of this tool and spread the word even further? YouTube is just one way that your business can further benefit from your message on hold program – so USE IT!