10 February 2012
The Right Voice Artist for your Messages On Hold

There are definitely a number of advantages to having such a system as a telephone on hold messages system, however there are also certain mistakes that are made along the way. It's imperative to your business to do it right, the first time.

Make sure you employ the best possible voice artist to do the audio recording for you, this can be critical to the success of your business. We've all been victims of having to listen to boring voice-overs while being on hold. Some can drive you around the twist.


Placing Callers On Hold - Unavoidable
All businesses need to place customers on hold, it's unavoidable, so making sure that your customers have someone interesting and pleasant to listen to while they are on hold should be a priority for you. Choose a style that suits your business.

Style of Voice Over
You may choose a casual, laid back style of message if you are promoting a relaxation retreat, or offer relaxation products and services.

A corporate style may suit your business if you offer professional services such as financial advice.

Whatever your business may be, the voice artist should reflect your particular business style. This will help you gain credibility and respect from your customers.

Male or Female Voice Artists
Decide if you require a male or female to record the audio for your messages on hold campaign as this can make a huge difference to your customers. For example having a male doing a voice over for a woman's centre, or vice verse may not be particularly appropriate. It may result in many potential customers simply hanging up.

The Tone of the Voice Over
The tone is also very important; as you want to come across as caring and compassionate if you are recording for a medical centre for instance. People can be very judgemental and will evaluate you on the messages they hear whilst on hold.

Assessing your Messages On Hold
It's well worth having a few people you know and trust, both male and female, to critique your messages on hold campaign. That way you can gauge whether you need to make any changes.

Finding the right voice artist for your telephone on hold messages campaign can be a critical element when it comes to what your customers hear and how it makes them feel while they're on hold. Having a great message that people are happy to listen to will be a positive boost to the prosperity of your business