06 October 2011
A personal touch to your On Hold Messages

When it comes to creating telephone messages that engage your customers and want to keep them on hold, the obvious choice is to turn to a professional on hold creative team like Phone Sound.

Their job more often than not is to turn your on hold vision into a reality, which is where sometimes they receive interesting on hold briefs which require more thought about the best way in which to script and produce the on hold program that will best fit with the ideas of the client.

Recently Phone Sound was approached with an interesting task. They were asked to take some pre-recorded message notes and to re-script in a more concise manner. What the client Top Rider, a motorcycle rider training company wished to do also was to somehow incorporate well known Motorcycle Riding identity Bernie Hatton into the on hold messages. Because Bernie is well known in the industry and potential customers would more likely choose Top Rider over other companies offering the same services because of Bernie's affiliation with the company, they wanted to use him in their on hold messages while still sounding very professional.
The creative writing team wrote a basic script of what Top Rider needed in their messages, and then assigned certain messages for Bernie to voice that would encourage the listener to want to sign up for those events in which Bernie would be a part of. Take a look at an example of the script below.

Message 3: Thank you for holding. Do you enjoy riding a motor cycle? Would you like to do it full time? Top Rider is constantly after motor cycle instructors and it's not difficult to get involved through our motor cycle instructors course. Why don't you get paid for what you enjoy doing the most, riding your motor cycle! Find out more when we return to your call in just a moment.

Message 4 BERNIE: G'day Bernie Hatton here, thanks for holding. When we return to your call, why not ask us about one of my one on one advanced courses. Maybe it's a day on the track, maybe it's a day out through the roads, or maybe it's a day in the dirt. Book in for one of my advanced training courses today, I look forward to spending a day with you. One of my staff will be with you in just a moment to answer any of your questions or to take your bookings.

As Bernie is the face of Top Rider, by utilising his presence in the on hold messages, this created a very personal feel to the messages, and created a strong connection between Bernie and the caller/ potential customer.

The alternate messages were recorded by one of Phone Sound's professional voice over artists, and Bernie came into the studio to record his parts. Once the Phone Sound producer worked his magic and sent the final recording to be approved, Top Rider were ecstatic with the results, as Phone Sound were able to create exactly what they were after.

While Bernie decided to re-record his lines, the original recordings were of a good enough quality that they could have been used in the final production. With devices like mobile phones producing quite good sound recordings, this is allowing more Phone Sound clients to use their own recordings in their productions for a more personalised touch.

If you have a few different ideas on what you would like in your on hold phone messages, why not have a chat with the experts at Phone Sound, and they will do everything they can to create on hold messages to your vision and to a quality that you will love.