10 March 2011
Ingredients for a Great Message On Hold Script

Just as with any other marketing channel, you need to put a little time and effort into structuring, writing and proofing your message on hold script. So the guys here at Phone Sound have put their heads together, to provide you with the best ingredients for creating an attention grabbing on hold messages program.

1. Understand your target market
If you have been in business for a while, then you will more than likely have a fair idea on what information your customers are looking for, what they might not be aware of, and special events they may be interested in – so make sure to put this information into your on hold program.

Understand your customers - the tones and language they respond to, and incorporate it into your message on hold script. You've got approximately 10 seconds to impress your callers, so learn what they want and need to hear and make sure it is in your program!

2. What is the purpose of the message?
For each message your include on your telephone on hold program, determine what the purpose of the message is – and stick to it! Don't try and sell ten different product lines to your customers, it will only confuse them. Choose a subject for each message and stick to the topic.

3. What do you want your customers to do with the information?
If you are wanting your customers to visit your website then you need to tell them to go there and give them directions. For example: "To sign up for our monthly newsletter, visit our website at www.example.com.au.

4. Include a Call to Action?
If you want your callers to respond to a promotion you are currently running, give them a reason to, an incentive for doing so, for example: "Ask about our new unlimited message on hold programs when we return to your call and get a free audio message for your website".

5. Make sure your message is clear and concise
How long do you put your callers on hold? The national average is around 10 seconds, so this is roughly the amount of time you have to get your message across to your audience. Keep each message clean and simple and straight to the point.

6. Don't be too cryptic
Messages that try to be clever or amusing can at times simply confuse your callers, rather than inform them. A simple message is often much more powerful.

When it comes to promoting your company, who better to write the script, than the person who knows it best – YOU! Your telephone messages on hold, is a great way to entertain, educate and inspire your callers, so make the most out of this exceptional marketing tool and get busy writing.