08 June 2011
Messages On Hold: Buy Outright or Update Regularly

Telephone messages on hold is an extremely powerful marketing tool for any business, however, just like with say a mobile contract, you'll need to select a program which best meets your business' needs and cashflow.

A reputable audio production company specialising in messages on hold, will offer a number of programs, from an outright purchase of your message on hold recording and equipment, to monthly contracts with a certain amount of updates throughout the year.

As a business owner or marketing manager, it is important for you to look at your purchase as part of your marketing plan. Afterall, telephone messages on hold acts as a 24-7 customer service representative and inhouse advertising solution for your business – promoting your products and services to customers who already have a vested interest in what your company does.

Why purchase your message on hold program outright?

There are many advantages to buying your telephone on hold messaging system outright, again it really is dependent on your businesses marketing strategy. However, below we have outlined some of the key reasons to purchase your message on hold program outright.

No Contract. No Obligation
As with any outright purchase, buying your message on hold program outright will ultimately mean you wont be locked in to any contracts, and therefore wont be committed to the one audio production company.

A oneoff off fee means no monthly bills.

Shop Around
When you are ready to update your message on hold program, you can either use the audio production company that originally produced your on hold messages, or you can shop around – there are no contracts, therefore no obligation!

Again, look at your marketing strategy and cashflow before making a decision on your messages on hold program. If your company regularly has promotions, launches new products or hosts events, then an outright message on hold system (if used properly to promote, inform and educate) will eventually cost more, as you will be paying a higher premium to get one-off recordings made up. However, if your business is just looking for a generic on hold message program, then an outright purchase may be perfect for you.


Why go on a monthly contract?

Though it may see a little overwhelming, signing a 12-month service agreement for your message on hold program also has many advantages. Remember, your telephone on hold message program is another platform to conduct regular and ongoing marketing campaigns.

Ongoing service
A 12-month service agreement will give you just that ... 12-months of good service. If you find a reputable message on hold supplier, then you will be constantly reminded to update your message on hold program on a regular basis, have a team of creative copywriters to formulate your script, talented voice artists to voice your messages and a team of professional audio engineers to put it all together to produce an amazing production to play to your callers.

Fresh marketing material
Signing up to a 12-month contract will allow you to recreate your on hold program on a regular basis throughout the year, depending on which package you sign up for. Allowing you to freshen up your marketing material, so callers are presented with something different, and hopefully sparking new interest.

Consistent branding
A message on hold program should be treated just like any other form of branding. You want to make sure it is consistent! So whilst it is nice to freshen up your material, it is also important you keep your audio production inline with your company's culture. By forming a relationship with one on hold messaging supplier, you will ultimately be forming a business partnership, with professionals who understand your business and its values, therefore producing quality content that is inline with branding.

Promote new products, services, events and promotions
Choose a message on hold program that will align with your company's promotional program and then promote them to your callers on hold. Signing up to a 12-month contract, means that your audio production is constantly working for you, and will allow you to have so many productions throughout the year. So promote. Educate. Inform and Entertain!

Access to state of the art equipment
As your message on hold company grows and finds new and improved telephone on hold equipment, your phone lines and "in house radio station" will also be upgraded. Providing a better production for your callers.

By signing up to a 12-month agreement, you have exactly that – 12-months to pay it off, making it easier to forecast into your monthly, quarterly or yearly business cashflow.

Audio advertising is a rapidly growing marketing tool, and should be treated as such. When contemplating your strategy for your message on hold program, outline what your needs and goals are before making a purchasing decision.

For more information on finding the perfect telephone on hold messaging program, contact the professional staff at Corporate Sound on 07 5551 0260, alternatively, visit their website at http://www.phonesound.com.au.