23 November 2010
Back to Barter for Leading Telephone Music On Hold Company

Telephone music and message on hold giant, Phone Sound, joins forces with Bartercard in an attempt to help businesses through the current unpredictable financial environment.

One of Australia's leading music and messages on hold company, Phone Sound, has turned to Barter trade dollars as an incentive for other businesses to "trade" products and services with the audio advertising company.
According to Phone Sounds' managing director, Ben Harrison, Bartercard presented his business with a new and innovative way to target small to medium business owners. He had also apparently heard about the cash savings associated with the Bartercard network and decided to take the next step.

"Bartercard has always been a prominent brand in Australia, and after the global financial crisis, we wanted to look at an alternative payment option for our clientele.

"With Bartercard, we are part of an exchange network of small to medium businesses helping each other by exchanging services and products. It's a great means of getting what you need to help your business succeed, without drastically affecting your cashflow," he said.
According to Bartercard's website, there are 55,000 trading members in 9 countries who are benefitting from the cashless economy of Barter.
"It's a really simple, yet extremely effective concept ... The Barter system is in no way a new concept, but what Bartercard brings to the table is a new and innovative way for SMEs and corporates to exchange ideas, bring communities together, build their brand, target their core markets - without dramatically affecting their cashflow. Simple, yet extremely effective," said Mr Harrison.
Phone Sound has been operating since 2007, and has grown to be a market leader by providing professional and effective audio advertising solutions.

If you are part of the Bartercard network and interested in making your business sound more professional with telephone messages and music on hold, then contact the professional team at Phone Sound on 1300 799 302, alternative, visit them online at http://www.phonesound.com.au