Advantages of Messages On Hold

Benefits of Messages On HoldAdvantages of Messages On Hold
We've already established why messages on hold is a great marketing platform, but we thought we would list the advantages and benefits of installing a telephone message on hold program on your business' phone lines.

Cost Effective Marketing Solution
A telephone message on hold program is an extremely affordable internal marketing campaign, and it continues to reinforce your brand once your customers call you. Phone Sound offer outright packages, so you won't be confined to a contract. There are no hidden surprises – what we quote is what you pay.

Promoting your Business and its Products and Services
Unlike the radio, silence or chimes, music and messages on hold is designed to use this valuable 'air time' to promote your brand and its offering, and it does so in an engaging and non-confrontational way.

Sound More Professional and Established
Businesses of all sizes can benefit from a telephone message on hold program, and with a professional audio production from Phone Sound, your callers may think your business is bigger and more established than what it actually is. You see, people perceive businesses who can afford to market themselves and present themselves more professionally to be more secure.

Reduce Caller Hang-ups
Deathly silence can make your callers feel as though they have been disconnected; and chimes are just damn right annoying. Studies have shown that callers are more likely to hang-up and never call back when greeted with silence of chimes.

Increase Sales
Use the valuable time you have with your callers to educate them about other products and services they may not know about. This is a great opportunity for you to upsell and cross-sell, which will really help with your bottom line.

Share your Audio Advertisements
Why not share your audio advertisements with your friends, followers and subscribers. We can get your audio production ready to be uploaded to YouTube and you can start sharing your message from there. We just ask you attribute your audio production to the guys that created it … us.

A telephone message on hold system is a unique and cost effective way to represent your business, to customers who are already showing an interest in what you have to offer. You're just using your initiative to let them know about other products or services they might also be interested in.

Phone Sound offer very competitive message on hold systems, and you buy your program outright. No contracts and no ongoing payments. And we will even give you a discount if you return to freshen up your audio production.


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