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Phone Sound can turn your business telephone system into a powerful marketing tool. Capture every potential caller with professional greetings and information that informs and entertains your customers.

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As a leading audio recording studio based on the Gold Coast, Australia, Phone Sound records telephone audio producitonms for businesses right around Australia. We also have access to voice artists from all over the world.

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On Hold Client Gold Coast Australia Sample:

phone sound client travelsim

Message 1: Having trouble with the local language? Did you know that you can access a language translation service from your TravelSIM?  Just dial ### and you will be connected to a live operator 24 hours a day.  The TravelSIM language translation service is available in 178 languages. Now that’s handy!

Message 2: Keeping in touch while you’re travelling is made easy with TravelSIM. Get the latest news from friends and family. They can send you unlimited free sms messages from the TravelSIM web site.  It is a great way for you to keep in contact and up to date with what’s happening back home. Best of all, it is free. Why not tell everyone before you leave!

Message 3: TravelSIM gives you many ways to save and stay in touch while you're traveling.  One way is to ask your callers to use the one eight hundred number to call you. That’s, #####. This is often the cheapest way for your friends, family and business associates to keep in contact. Ask for more options when we return to your call shortly.

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Phone Sound recording studios are based on the Gold Coast in sunny Australia. Please contact us to arrange a time to come and visit our recording studios and see why we are the best in the country.

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