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Phone Sound is a dedicated On Hold Music & On Hold Messages recording studio. We provide high quality voiceovers and audio productions to add value and provide a professional image to phone systems

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Professional Messages On Hold & Music On Hold For Telephone Systems!

Expand your business image with messages on hold
At Message-On-Hold Sydney, we can turn your business telephone system into a powerful marketing tool. Impress each and every caller with a professional telephone greeting and useful and interesting information that both educates and entertains your customers while they wait on hold.

Producing On Hold Messages in Gold Coast, Melbourne, Sydney, Perth, Adelaide, Brisbane and the world
We are the leading audio recording studio in the Gold Coast specialising in telephone on hold music and on hold messages. Our customers include well known clients from around Australia and the world. We also source voice artists with accents and languages from all around the world.

Keep your callers on the phone lines and entertained while they wait

On Hold Client Sydney Sample:

phone sound client global gift sourcing

Message 1 :
Your business can keep customers out of the run. Your business can keep customers from getting sunburnt. Your customers children can hug your business when they go to bed. Keep their gear together, keep them warm, make repair jobs on garments. Your business can do all these things and SOOO much more when you gift them some promotional gifts from Global Gift Sourcing! Make the right impression, by helping out with everyday life! We promise you, that they'll love you for it!

Message 2 : POP QUIZ! How do you promote your company? Newspaper? Online? On the radio? Well, what if we told you that you can be promoted in a clients purse? In their home...In their office? This is the power of having your own range of promotional products. Let your customers take a little piece of your business with them, wherever they go! Global Gift Sourcing. Let us tell you about our huge range of top quality products.. that will give your clients, and your workers a little piece of your business to take home with them!

Message 3 : What do you want? When do you want it? I'm not going to give you any option. You want promotional products, and you want it quick smart! Here at Global Gift sourcing, we're quick, we don't mess around. Come talk to us about some of the products that we offer, and we'll be happy to give you a quote…we'll even be able to talk about specifying our products to suit your business. OK, we're not going to keep you on hold much longer, just stick around and we'll be right with you.

Improve your business image with professionally recorded telephone on hold messages and music!


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